...I rely on screen reading software entirely and it's really accessible.
Diane Marks (Fed website user)

A website's success hinges on the way users perceive it

A user's experience on your website includes everything they see, hear and do as well as their emotional reactions. These perceptions form the base opinions of your company as a whole.

We have all experienced the frustration from using a slow or difficult to follow website, and often the result is to go elsewhere. If your customers can use your website with ease then they are more likely to stay on that website and buy your product or service. A happy customer is a loyal one, and unhappy customers won't stick around.

Accessible to everyone

Millions of people have disabilities that make it difficult to use the internet. These may be visual, physical, neurological, or just problems due to old age.

Accessibility focuses on providing excellent usability to everyone, including those with disabilities. It's important to ensure everyone has equal access to the benefits of what the internet has to offer.

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How we work with you

Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction

Together we will consider the user experience throughout every aspect of your business or organisation.

Usability testing is an effective way to highlight any issues with your site directly from the user's perspective. We assess the journey the user takes through your website and how they interact with certain aspects. It’s the best way to discover what works (so you can do it more) and what doesn't and why. Then fix it.

Accessibility is a consideration throughout the build of your site. There are tools we use to assess and improve a website's accessibility. We also can test your website with people that have various disabilities.

People carrying out usability testing on a site with a mobile device