...the company re-brand was a great experience.
Rob Beer, Architect at three|eleven design

Strong brands stand out from the crowd

Your logo and branding helps define your company's emotional image as a whole. Understanding the needs and wants of your customers is essential in creating a successful brand.

A powerful brand:

  • increases your company's value by standing out from the crowd
  • provides direction, inspiration and motivation for future employees and freelancers / contractors
  • should be legible, recognisable, and memorable
  • helps your company to get referral work (word of mouth referrals are the best advertising source)
  • concretes user loyalty and confirms credibility, promoting instant public recognition

The foundation of your brand is your logo. Although the logo is only one part of your brand identity, it is the simplest and most important element when it comes to brand recognition.

Variety of logo designs completed by Code 7

High quality print on any media

Get maximum exposure for your brand by using it wherever you can. Your logo and identity should be consistent over all forms of media, including the way you advertise offline.

Strengthen your brand

Planning helps to ensure that all aspects of your company work well together to reinforce your brand. Your logo and website design should be consistent.

Sea creature character illustrations for Little Dippers

How we work with you

Creating brand strategies at every point of public contact

Research is important to creating a successful logo and brand. Studying your target market, competitors, and current trends helps us ensure you stand out from the rest.

Working together with you, crucial elements for your whole design process are developed. We take time to understand your company values, objectives, and your vision.

The process begins with ideas and sketches. Colour, design, and typography should work together to emphasise your brand and its objectives.

Once the logo is designed, we move on to developing application ideas.

We can provide high quality branding on any media. Our access to a wide range of techniques, materials, and skilled print suppliers means there's room to be creative.

Developing your brand involves examining your current points of public contact. This includes social media, customer experience, your premises, and any promotional materials. We will highlight any areas to look into and create action points to address these.

Baby swimming school flyer with integrated branding

Ongoing support

  • brand planning and strategy
  • application designs
  • ongoing print work
Designer working on a computer