Craft is quick, intuitive and very clever. We’ve estimated it will save 23 days of labour a year compared to our previous CMS. I would definitely recommend it.
Joe Morecroft, Digital Marketing Manager at Scientifica

Flexible, simple and easy to use content management

Craft is a relatively new CMS that has hit the industry by storm. It's simplicity and highly functional nature mean it's quickly becoming a favourite amongst web agencies and developers. It flexibly manages all types of content without a lot of hassle. 

Having been designed as a CMS right from the start, as opposed to a platform that can act as one with the use of extra plugins, it sticks with standard, familiar design patterns and components. This means we can spend our time developing rather than rewriting or removing unnecessary code.

Craft is simple to use, only needing minimal training (if any). It's very user-friendly, both from a development and a client perspective. It has a responsive control panel, meaning updates can be made on the go via mobile or tablet with minimal effort. 

Screenshot of Craft CMS's user interface on a PC and a mobile

Excellent organisation & data storage

There are many aspects of Craft that allow total flexibility in terms of content and layout. You can be given more options and freedom when it comes to adding the things most important. Craft starts as a blank slate with no assumptions about what kind of data your site will store. Because of this, we can create truly custom page templates. The database output into your templates is also very clean.

Other CMS's often have complicated and risky updates, where as with Craft it's quick and hassle-free. 

Craft is fairly new to the world, so it's still growing and expanding every day. Read more about Craft at their website, or Google search 'Craft CMS'. It might be the lesser known CMS at the moment, but it's definitely a big up and comer.

Ongoing support

  • keeping Craft up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements
  • a great community on Google+ and StackExchange
Man on the phone pointing at a computer screen