Top-notch design particularly, memorable and enjoyable to look at and use. The content was amiable without trying too hard and contained almost everything I would want it to.
Anonymous User Tester
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An internal project

We created this burger review site to:

  • showcase some of our work
  • demonstrate some new design and development ideas
  • find out the best burger joint in Brighton & Hove! 

We love it - and the research is pretty good fun too!


It was extensively user tested to make sure it's simple and easy to follow. Emphasis was put on the large photographs of appetising burgers (obviously). The responsive scoring system displays all data on multiple devices.

Screenshot of the Burger Review website on a computer screen and mobile devices

Trophy sticker & branding iron

The sticker and branding iron were designed and made so we could present an award to our favourite burger joint.

Burger Brothers photoshoot with branding iron and sticker prize

The reviews

Over the course of the last year we've taken it upon ourselves to undertake the exhaustive challenge of visiting as many burger joints in the Brighton & Hove metropolitan area as is humanly possible. Tough, but in the interest of all burger fans out there, its a public service we felt had to be undertaken.

With scoring categories as diverse as burger juiciness, bun goodness, burger flavour, value for money and the elusive X Factor (a bit like the ITV show but without Louis Walsh), we set out to find Brighton & Hove's finest purveyor of quality burgers.