Tristan Brookes
Content doge

Thought I'd just write a simple little thing I thought of last week in case it can help anyone else.

The problem comes with a certain design pattern we're using at the moment. We like big, chunky rows with different background colours to each other. We also like using oneweb and its wrappers. But what happens when your design calls for something to be wider than the otherwise perfect wrapper width you're using for your site (a problem as there's a whole row, why not use the extra space)?

It's an interesting conundrum I came up against last week where for our new business starter pack we need an infographic to go slightly wider than the wrapper allowed (Greg is very picky). If you look at the pricing page you'll see that the graphic is about 900px wide (on a desktop) as opposed to the 720px-ish that the wrapper would enforce at that size.

To quickly fix this without doing really specific things with the wrappers and item ids etc I just set the width 120% and then set the margin left to negative half the addition over 100%, so -10%. This gave me the extra room I needed without much in the way of extra changes. I guess it's more of a quick hack but I was chuffed I thought of it and wanted to share.