We love the redesign for our site which will really help us both as a marketing tool but also making it so much easier to update. Code 7 were super-organised and knowledgeable which really helped us to keep on track with the project.
Jane Johansson, Design Director
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Web design

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Web development

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The brief

Float Glass Design was in need of a new site that is:

  • modern, good looking, and responsive across all devices
  • a very good reflection of their wide range of glass textures and designs
  • easily navigatable to browse and choose product ranges


The creative nature of the design company meant that photography is at the forefront. Dynamic high quality images form the focus of the site, and work well to showcase their impressive glass work.

Screenshots of the Float Glass website on a computer screen and multiple devices

Web application

The application was an idea for an easy way to browse the large range of glass textures. It's flexible, responsive, and can be used by both the Float Glass team and by users visiting the website.

Screenshots of the Float Glass application in action

About Float Glass Design

Float Glass Design are the UK's premier company in the creative glass industry specialising in the design and bespoke production of textured and gilded glass.